Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's Done is Done

We made it through the night with no binky. She woke up at 11:30 and yelled for her binky and I told her we should go check and see if the Binky Fairy came. We went downstairs and found the empty basket and a bag of toys. She was very excited, especially with her princess flashlight. She ate some PEZ and played with the new books and blocks. I told her it was time to go to bed but she was so wired we ended up staying up until nearly 3 a.m. She has asked for her binky three times and each time I have told her the BF took them all. She's been okay with that and there have been no melt downs.

When I see her sleeping without her binky I feel a little sad because that is the one thing she's had her whole life. Each time she has asked for one it has really tugged on my heart. She is probably handling it better than I am :)

Here's the midnight picture from last night. Nice bed-head huh?!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She doesn't know the 'BF' came yet!

We spent a lot of time during the last week talking about how the Binky Fairy was coming soon. I told her this morning that today is the day and she even mentioned it to Teacher Margaret when I dropped her off at playschool this afternoon. While she was in her class I went to the toy store and got her 'BF' loot. This afternoon when we got home she told me the Binky Fairy was on the phone and so I had to take the call! I told her the 'BF' wanted to know what toys she wanted and she said "a duck, a dog, and a kitty." Unfortunately the 'BF' didn't get her any of those things but I asked her if she wanted a flashlight, and if she liked books and blocks and she excitedly answered "yes!" Phewwwww.
This evening I told her we needed to get a basket and go around and find all of the binkies so we could put them on the porch for the 'BF.' Once we had them all in the basket she had to ogle them for awhile. She had one in her mouth and refused to put it on the porch with the others. She fell asleep and I yanked that sucker out of there and got rid of all of the binkies. I left the bag of toys and an empty basket. Now I am just waiting for her to wake up but hopefully not until morning. The two pictures above are of her ogle-ing her basket of binkies one last time . . . wish me some sleep tonight please!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Binky Fairy IS Coming

I have been telling Cami stories of the Binky Fairy to let her know that she will be coming by soon to take away the binkies and distribute them to some needy babies. She knows that if she gives them all up the BF will leave her some toys. She has been a binky baby since the day she arrived. We gave her a binky at the hospital the first night (with some resistance from the nurses) and she's been attached ever since. I've tried poking holes in them recently and it doesn't seem to make a difference, she still loves them. I plan to do this next week so the BF has to go to the toy store and find some good loot. She is 2 1/2 and I am not even sure what toys to get her. She loves princess stuff and I saw a princess flashlight online that I hope I can find at a store. If you have any suggestions for me please share them here!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I really can do two things at once . . .SUSis04

This card covers two things: My SUSis04 challenge card which is any card that is not square or rectangular shaped and also my next swap card for this month's meeting. The swap theme was Summer cards with no flowers.